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Expressive and Contemplative Writing Class

Contemplative writing is a self-compassion practice that allows one to explore who we are, what we need, what we want. This class allows one to write in any form / genre. This course will centre around prompts and timed writing exercises. You will be actively writing during the class time. Contemplative writing serves to quiet and free individuals from the inner critic and replaces it with a writing practice that is joyful, creative, and engaging; a stream of consciousness flow.

Hidden thoughts and feelings often lay dormant in our minds. A wonderful way to see them clearly and to examine their many dimensions is through contemplative writing. I will lead you through dynamic writing prompts which will enable a connected and embodied image-based experience. Through reflective and mindful writing practice you will explore thoughts, feelings, personal and more global insights.

Mindfulness allows us to practice the art of creating space for ourselves — space to think, space to breathe. Mindfulness creates space between ourselves and our reactions.

I limit the class to six participants. Classes run for 8 weeks typically on Tuesday evenings for 90 minutes. I teach this class 4 x a year. I offer both an introductory class and an intermediate level class where we build upon and go deeper in to contemplative writing. Please contact me for more information.

Summer Expressive & Contemplative
Writing Class is now full

Contact Abby to be put on the waitlist for the fall class offering.

What contemplative writing means to me?

It means Abby’s gentle and persistent push to have us respond to a prompt, an idea, a provocation perhaps. It means a kind of dropping down and sinking into a space of exploring, an unconfined space. Con-tem-plate – a plate upon which we make a meal, a salad, of fragments, pieces, threads …harvested as we notice something that captures our attention, taking us to unexpected places.

What is contemplative writing?
I am in a new meadow seeing & smelling all the flowers
Lost in a reverie
Of words and sounds
My soul speaks in stories
From my heart to yours
We connect through language
Reflect together
Share a common space
Of understanding
And when my heart is sad
My soul sings its sorrows
And holds my hand
And leads me down
A forest path
Ducking beneath a low hanging branch
To enter a magical space
Where words create my reality

It means flow, and letting myself flow.
It means unblocking.
It means being
myself and my words

It means lots of words racing through me onto paper
It means breathing deeply
It means connecting to myself

What does contemplative writing mean to me.

Not thinking. Doing. Stream of consciousness. Freeing the mind of judgement, criticism, I can’t, I am not good enough. Writing from the heart. Whatever comes, comes. Being able to draw out thoughts, experiences, feelings that may have been hidden or blocked or long forgotten. Creating from a place of pure freedom. Sharing and trusting that what I have written is what is meant to be at that moment. Being safe in a small group to be able to share some of my deepest moments. Letting the universe guide me through the pen which is connected to the page. Freedom.

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